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This blog is a human project. People need to learn a new kind of literacy. We need to learn how to read the connections between Human Beings that is beyond the representational signs and signifiers. Literacy is knowing the difference between the two and navigate the imminent social field.

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My Experiences

I want to improve the marketability of my site. I want to be able to reach more people with my unique content. This means that I need a specific community to remain loyal with my content. I could’ve engaged in conversation with other creators that are exploring similar content to mine. They might have aContinue reading “My Experiences”


How to tell a story to save your life One of the best process of the filmmaking process storyboarding. Storyboarding creates a big-picture view of the situation. Whether you are telling a story for your novel, or you’re in a heated argument with your manager, your ability to tell a story can save you fromContinue reading “Storytelling”

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