Top 5 Public Freakout situations

5. Doorway/ entrance

from @carloebc Tiktok

We’ve all been there. A bottle necking opening of a grocery store, the tight opening of a convenience store, or the entrance of our own home. People shovel themselves into packed stores while attempting to avoid running through the crowd. The doors acts as a cutting and blocking of flow, limiting the number of people that can enter all at once. In this case, people are coming and going sometimes excusing themselves for running into someone. Some do not.

4. Parking lot

Where there’s a lot of movement, there’s a lot of tension. The combination of vehicles with people creates visual discallibration which can confuse the intention of some actions as malicious.

from @mike420690 TikTok

3. During checkout

Probably the most recognizable stranger-to-stranger confrontation would be the cashier and customer confrontation. This is so common that it has become the standard “Public Freakout.”

2. Road Rage

Our most frustrating time of our days: driving

Not to mention how extremely dangerous, people behave reckless on the roads everyday. One should remain calm and “excuse” the minor incident when possible


Probably the most devastating crisis that we will ever live through, the pandemic has brought out the worst in people. It’s often said that wearing a mask is a slight inconvenience but one that could save lives. Yes, it’s an extra measure people could take to reduce the risk of catching the disease. Many people take it as a nuicessense. Especially when it turns political

These situations may be unavoidable, maybe even necessary. But it can also prove humans to be the most adaptable species in the world. Animals are defined by their instinctual nature. Animals will lunch at each other until the other is dead. Even vegetation compete for space and sunlight. We, as humans, have the capacity to show compassion to our fellow humans.

If you want to watch more, I suggest the subreddit at This is a dedicated subreddit for these kinds of confrontation. At first, this might seem like malicious low-level entertainment. I thought like that as well. What I’ve learned is that most of these people who intentionally situates himself to be in these publicfreakouts actually love it.

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