The Loyal Fans of 9gag is a video/ meme imageboard of the late 2000’s. It’s an offshoot of the 4chan imageboard format. It has gone through facelifts over the years but it managest to remain true to the fanbase over the years. As forum based websites goes mainstream, the essence can fall into the backseat. is a great example of how mainstream attention can change the rockbase foundation of what made it great. It can be discouraging to find a place where you call home only for it to gentrify into mainstream. Very few 2010’s sites still exists that has it’s community-based users still intact. 9gag isn’t entirely the same as it once was but it remains one of the few relics of the 2000’s


Before Facebook became the social media platform that it is and before YouTube belonged to Google, the power of the internet belonged to smaller users like failblogs, 4chan, and reddit. The early adopters of memes and punchy videos put into motion the “clickbait” of today’s viral videos and Tweets. Leveraging the power of memes rewards you with a community that eventually builds you up. Websites like 9gag have loyal fans that still a community for over a decade and I’m one of them.

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