Feeling insulted as being shortchanged

It is generally thought that the person who instigates a confrontation automatically losses the confrontation. We might say that it’s because the instigator has a “vigilantism” drive and is therefore seen as pathetic… always looking for a a subject to redeem his anger. An anger he can’t stomach himself. We might say that he’s bettingContinue reading “Feeling insulted as being shortchanged”

Have we gone mad?

The word “freakouts” denotes that a person has gone mad. In an argument, emotions suddenly spike and explodes inside the person. The word “meltdown” denotes that the person has reached a psychotic episode as if emotions has pulled him down. But this is completely counterintuitive. The “direction” of a public freakout is up. Situations tendContinue reading “Have we gone mad?”

Top 5 Public Freakout situations

5. Doorway/ entrance We’ve all been there. A bottle necking opening of a grocery store, the tight opening of a convenience store, or the entrance of our own home. People shovel themselves into packed stores while attempting to avoid running through the crowd. The doors acts as a cutting and blocking of flow, limiting theContinue reading “Top 5 Public Freakout situations”

Let’s fight

Getting On My Nerves – Stating the obvious We already know that arguments tends to escalate towards a climax. Why would we not insult someone if had no intention to take it up to a shouting match? The inability to “just let it go” is due, in part, from a mental pain receptor. This mentalContinue reading “Let’s fight”